Brenda Pavlou's Review of Escaping Apartheid:A Letter to My Mother

This book is an amazing read. If you thought you knew South Africa, you couldn't even have scratched the surface. To live through Apartheid and come out whole is amazing. I know I would be filled with hatred but when you are brought up in a loving family with 100% support, this has to make the difference. This book will make you cry but also make you think how on earth can human beings be treated so badly by so called superior folks.

I must say I feel heartache for Nomanono's family and what remarkable people they must have been. I would feel so proud to have shaken their hands and so sorry for all they endured.. They all would be so proud of Nomanono as she is a remarkable woman. I am so glad that she has shared this story with the world. Real justice will never be done and  that's the shame of it all.

I would recommend this book.