Gerry Robert's Review!

I feel very Blessed! During the weekend that Gerry Robert of Black Card Books (www.blackcardbooks.com), who was hosting a Seminar I attended here in London, told members of the audience how brilliantly written my book, Escaping Apartheid - A Letter to My Mother, is. Even though he hardly has time to read all the books that he gets sent, he was able to read each and every word in this book. He read it on his way back from South Africa. He went on to say to the audience: 'everyone' should read this book.'

He also posed this question to the audience.... Would this lady having gone through the pain of Apartheid, and then let go of anger and hatred, to be happy and joyful as she is now, be the authority to help others in How to Let Go of Anger and Hatred, to Find Love and Happiness Within? The audience agreed!! Bless Him!