PhotobyNomanonoIsaacsWhat would you do if you were to win £100,000,000 lottery jackpot? Would you go blank, fearful and panic, thinking that it is not true, it’s a joke? Would you cry and be an emotional mess? Or be very thankful to the Universe, or whoever has decided that, this is your moment to thrive and prosper? And start laughing uncontrollable? Would you keep it a secret from the public and even from your immediate family and close friends?


For me, I would dance, scream, shout and say many THANK YOUS to The Heavens! Perhaps I would also become an emotional mess, crying tears of Joy! Feeling the relief of never having to worry about where money is coming from. I am sure that I would be between laughter, crying, dancing and joy!


 I do not know if I would go public or not. I have enjoyed other people’s stories when they have won as their stories have inspired me. I would certainly share the good news with my family. I would first seek professional advice on how to go about experiencing my new financial abundance and the many responsibilities that come with such change.


 First on my shopping list is a very beautiful home overlooking The Thames River, in London. Then homes for my daughters. Trust funds for my grandchildren. I would also share my fortune with some of my friends who have helped me during very tough times in my life’s journey.


 Then I would give back to the villages where I grew up in South Africa. Some of those villages still have issues with soil erosion and my contribution would be to create tree plantation projects, as a way of resolving soil erosion, as well as helping the unemployed get work. Okay, I do not know anything about tree planting schemes, however, I reckon that there will be people who know.


 I would also seek assistance from wealthy people who are keen to help out with soil erosion problems. I think this would be a start, in serving Mother Earth and Humanity. Would I tell my neighbours? I do not know! Would I go buying new clothes and new cars? I do not know.


 I would also build a beautiful home for me in South Africa, in the village where I grew up. I would then create ‘A Better Homes Project’ which would be building beautiful homes, that are better architecturally, than what other people currently have. I would not have a house that is beautiful, in the village where other people have poor housing. So, it will be my way of balancing and giving back to the communities, where I was born.


 Yes we change, however, for me, I would not be here today, typing this, without my old villages and villagers, back in South Africa. I am thankful that I was born in those, then remote villages. I am who I am because of those people and that part of the world.


 I wish you a great pondering and creation of your own £100m jackpot win!

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